Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Giving the blog world a try :)

I have decided to step into the world of blogging. It has been around for a while now and even though I have read many blogs by some very interesting people, I have finally decided to give it a go myself. I figure I love to write and I wouldn't mind having the world read about what I am thinking or doing.........if they wanted to that is. I have started making cakes and decorating them and I wanted a forum where I could share them with everybody.............because I think they are beautiful and I want other people to look at them too :) Truth is there is a lot of time and love that goes into these creations and I want to share them. Right now I mostly make them for friends and family and I am hoping to be able to make them for others and hopefully start a little business out of it at one point, so this blog will be my journey into the world of cake decorating.

Along with the cakes I have started to make many different cupcakes........they are really popular right now and super cute too :) I am also starting to make a lot of cake pops. Cake pops are both delicious and cute. I made a whole batch for my daughter Madisons school Valentines party. The kids loved them. Madison loves them so much now that she asks me to make them all the time. I mean whats not to love about cake, frosting and chocolate, right? They stay very moist even after a couple of days.

This is the cake pops we made, wrapped up and ready to go to her school

I have discovered a love for baking and I enjoy sharing it with my kids, they love to get up on a chair and grab a spoon and help stir some chocolate chips into the batter, or better yet licking the spoon when we are done :)